We are two developers and relatively casual players of the game. We previously worked together on School Idol Tomodachi, a similar website about another game.

We're both 23 years old and we live in San Francisco, California. We come from the same computer science university and both work as software engineers in the same company we founded: Rainbow Cookies. Though we love our job, we don't pay ourselves and don't have any income, so any donation helps a lot and is greatly appreciated.

The heartwarming support from the community keeps motivating us to do more! We love helping the community by providing as much information as we can about the game, while keeping the website easy to use, shiny and cute ^_^

We don't know how far we will go with this, but one thing we know for sure is that we are having a lot of fun doing it and sharing this crazy glee adventure with you.

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We don't have access to all the information in the game, so we need the help of players like you to create and complete the information about the cards in the site.

Drop us an email, and we will give you an access to cards editor right away!

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Anyone can edit the wiki pages and we would really appreciate your contributions! You just need to create or log in to an account on GitHub.

Feel free to edit any page to correct any missing or inexact information. You can also add your own pages if you want.



Our project is open-source and open for contributions. We are more than happy to accept pull-requests on GitHub!

The website has been made using Django, so in Python 2. We also use LESS CSS, Bootstrap, JQuery and Bower for the front-end of the website.

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